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Name & Comments:Doni Marie was here!

Name & Comments:Congratulations on your new endeavor! The site looks marvelous. Al the best! Scott (aka Dentoid)

Name & Comments:The site is looking fantastic. Best of luck! Sandyc

Name & Comments:Thank you Scott & Sandy for checking out my websight and signing my guestbook!! =)

Name & Comments:Vicki M - blue_eyes53813 . Very nice site Doni... I can watch the slide show of your little beauties for hours...

Name & Comments:Theresa (Blitzburggirl)- Hi Doni! Breathtaking display, incredible growout system, and I adore my two picassos! Thank you so much!

Name & Comments:Marie Paulsen Hats off to Doni! Beautiful, Knowledgeable, Artistic and many more adjectives. You don't need a movie just watch Doni's Reef.

Name & Comments:Don Paulsen - wonderful reading. keep up the good work.

Name & Comments:Site looks and works great, fast loading too. The tanks of your reef tank are really amazing and the pic on the home page of the clown wrapped in the new is outstanding! GOOD LUCK!

Name & Comments:Jonathan U. Just wanted to stop by and give praise on how lovely the site looks. I was one of the first to receive a Picasso from Doni and the customer service is above Grade-A :)

Name & Comments:My name is Boyd, a.k.a Tahoe Reefer. I purchased a Set of Grade A's, They arrived safe and they look amazing!

Name & Comments:Billy H the new layout for the store is a very simply and easy to navigate. this should increase business for you and make it easier for your customer

Name & Comments:Socalireefer: Great stuff Doni! Reallya big step in rare clown breeding! Great work!

Name & for updates on new grade a and snows aval. theotherreefer

Name & Comments:Doni your site looks great. Congrats! Jeff (aka goldenmean)

Name & Comments:Steven Glover, Federal Way washington. hey just wanted to tell you really love your site. I really support your efforts, and hope someday i can do some nice breeding of grade A"s

Name & Comments:Hey my name is Jaewon -- i just wanna say its truly incredible what you are doing -- i really envy what you have done

Name & Comments:bllfish - I lost my true perc of 13 years on Friday. I would like to replace it with a pair of picasso percs. The tank is so bare without my old friend.

Name & Comments:rich i just purchased three snocassos and am very happy with the comunication and shipping. have recommended my friends to the site. thank you so much

Name & Comments:Michael (oceandude) on CFT. Love the site and can't wait to get a grade A and a Snowcasso from ya'll. :)

Name & Comments:Dallas Posey Long Suffering Fish Husband

Name & Comments:My name is Carl Walsh. These are some of the most beautiful clown I have ever seen. I can't wait to get some.

Name & Comments:I really enjoy having an ocean in the house. I feel like getting palm trees would also be a nice accent. Your snowcassos are pretty spectacular but they arent quite as breathtaking as dana fish. <3 BMS whoot clown fish lovers.

Name & Comments:Hi...have a pair of Grade "A"'s from ya'll via an LFS...I'm oceandude on CFT and I want a snowcasso at some point...Can ya'll help me out?

Name & Comments:Elan- I love my Grade A's and have been truly inspired by your breading set-up.

Name & Comments:The best site ever for clowns. Doni was really helpful with every question. Would buy again. Kin

Name & Comments:Jennifer Wider Great site Doni Marie

Name & Comments:Sean A plus on customer service and quality livestock will bye from again ,again ,again and again T

Name & Comments:David(Davocean) Spot on for shipping/CS and picked a beatiful pair of picassos for me. Absolutely stunning specimens! Thank you.

Name & Comments:David Kobelka Ontario, Canada. what a wonderful lady Doni is to deal with and wonderful picasso's!

Name & Comments:SaVanna-Kentucky Thanks Doni, You have worked with me and even though I have just purchased my picasso I know he will be very healthy, thanks.

Name & Comments:Kyle, Nice site and good prices and love all of the videos that you have of the baby clownfish.

Name & Comments:Wow Doni! Things have certainly progressed well. Keep up the good work and thanx for taking some stress off of our reefs. John (deaclauderdale)

Name & Comments:rod denny, i just received my first pair of great looking b grade picassos. i am very please so far and am looking forward to watching them grow. thanks for offering such nice stock.

Name & Comments:Paul Chang Outstanding customer service! Top notch quality! I purchased 2 x A's and 8 x B's but they all looked like grade A's.

Name & Comments:Love the fish. They look great. Hope to buy some when I get the money. Jeremy W.

Name & Comments:Craig How much is it, for the snowcasso, and when will you have them available?

Name & Comments:Adam Smith Just got my picassos today. Right off the rip they were eating and look awesome. Ver professional packaging if you havent bought already do so awesome clown breeder Thanks Adam

Name & Comments:Craig Thank you for the Snowcasso. Best fish I have purchased!!! Healthy and just awesome!!!

Name & Comments:Shannon Church Wichita Ks Love the site and look forward to a future purchase!!!!!

Name & Comments:Doni-The site looks awesome. I checked out the "photos galore" link and it reminds me of the Finding Nemo attraction in Walt Disney World. I love all of the bright colors! Take care -Duane

Name & Comments:Hey, it's Austin! I love your fish they look so awesome espically those Snowcassos thats crazy, beautiful tank, fish an great variety. Love ya!! ~Austin :}

Name & Comments:Beautiful tank & site Doni! Looking forward to having one of your babies as the 2nd additional to my tank soon! Best wishes. Eric [aka Pimps @ Reefcentral =)]

Name & Comments:Sarah Jane and Riley

Name & Comments:leah mcleod really enjoyed your web-site! Great fish and good prices.

Name & Comments:leah mcleod really enjoyed your web-site! Great fish and good prices. my first time on your site. well done.

Name & Comments:Calabashman This is my first visit and think you've done an awsome job with your site etc. I'm very jealous of your fish breeding results. You do have it "wired" Kepp up the good work.

Name & Comments:Ernie suarez Miami Fl Perculas one of my very favorites fish thank you for helping people undestand how inportant is this especimen.

Name & Comments:Nicholas Dance Thank you for all your helpful info and wonderful fish

Name & Comments:Wow! I never signed the guess book!? The site looks awesome Doni. I have been following the updates since the beginning and am in awe of your accomplishments. Keep up the good work and God bless! Frank Lucci AKA Frankie :) ~

Name & Comments:Todd Sawasky. Beautiful Specimens! You definately know what you are doing

Name & Comments:Cindy Whipple beautiful fish! I am looking to get a pair ina few months:)

Name & Comments:AL Irons and i love my fish and this is a great site and you are very helpful.Good luck and god bless.

Name & Comments:Trademark (Robert) I visit this site every day,awesome

Name & Comments:Hey Doni, I've enjoyed browsing your threads, reading up on your site and am thoroughly enjoying the fish I purchased from you. I can't wait to see how they mature. Thanks for such dedication to the hobby. Heidi

Name & Comments:Jason Hall, Bethalto, IL These fish are beautiful. I wish I had known you existed before I bought my first two clowns!!!But I intend on getting at least two of yours!!!

Name & Comments:Just found your site and wanted to let you know I will definitely be getting a pair of your clowns in the near future! Good luck with your seahorses, I may have to start breeding them again. . . Alex G

Name & Comments:July 30, 2010

Name & Comments:August 22, 2010

Name & Comments:frankie YOUR FISH ARE VERY NICE!

Name & Comments:Valerie Norris

Name & Comments:Glenn (nanoreefinf4fun) All the best ! Great site & fish !!!

Name & Comments:Frankie from Reefsanctuary was here! :) Some of the most beautiful looking clown fish I have ever seen come from you. Doni's Reef rock!

Name & Comments:Eric Grace Has Been Here :D

Name & Comments:I received my first order today and am wowed by it! The fish were nicely packaged. I'll definately order from Doni again! Tonya K. Edmond, OK

Name & Comments:Great job on your site, beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing- Michelle Yingst

Name & Comments:Carolyn Davis Great site! Thanks for showing us wonderful set up!!! Got eh tank up and running as soon as I got home. Thinking seriously about a salt tank!!

Name & Comments:Jake Levi Luzerne, MI Excellent site Doni, great photos of beautiful fish, hoping to put an order together in a couple of months.

Name & Comments:Funlad3/Ben Awesome clowns!!! The sooner I get a pair, the happier I'll be!!!

Name & Comments:We came across your website from a web search about seahorses for my daughters school project. We love the photos and videos you have uploaded, they helped a lot with her project. Beautiful creatures! N & L, Colorado

Name & Comments:monsterbigmike cool set up i hope to get some fish from you soon

Name & Comments:gerald from coral planet and great job ! amazing pics ..i can estimate , what efforts has to be done for reaching this professionalism...kind regards from south east Europe

Name & Comments:jose rizo

Name & Comments:ryan/scientist you do beautiful work with your clownfish. i want to buy some after i set up my next tank. planning on setting up a breeder tank in the new house next year. read through some of your threads on reefcentral. great stuff. best, ryan

Name & Comments:Great site!! Like all the information that’s given.. Hope to see your stock and talk with you at the Fright and Frags convention in Oct. Lance Pender Get Pumped Saltwater

Name & Comments:Henry White Love the snowcassos

Name & Comments:I just bought an amazing pair of snowcasso's recently. They are doing great and make a great addition to my family.

Name & Comments:Great site with extraordinary Clowns. Order a couple of pairs already and come in very healthy

Name & Comments:Michelle-Tennessee Your Snowcasso's are absolutely beautiful and I enjoyed your worship music playing softly in the may take me forever, but I am definitely going to start a savings jar for a pair of your beauties!

Name & Comments:Niccolò Righini Italy What you are doing is really great ! What a great job !

Name & Comments:Heather Kemmling Great site!

Name & Comments:Bret C./Columbus, Ohio Wow I have been looking for a pair or two of Picasso clowns for a couple months now and came across your site. Wow is all I can say. I visit & drool daily. On top of my fish list.

Name & Comments:Amy Cramer, Rayne, LA I have been raising clowns for 12 years. I would really LOVE to purchase a pair of Snowcassos to add to my collection.

Name & Comments:Casey Hullette

Name & Comments:Marianne Scarcelli

Name & Comments:Evyn malcomson Ann Arbor mi

Name & Comments:January 11, 2016

Name & Comments:February 21, 2016


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